Monday, November 17, 2008

When Masses Help Each Other, Poverty Ends

How do we motivate multi-racial cyber warriors (bloggers worldwide) to form e-platoons, battalions, regiments, and armies that unite to form a world-spanning anti-poverty fighting force? As described in this blog’s previous posts, we use business tools (powered by the profit motive) and ‘happiness creation’ as our uniting strategy. 3rd World mass entrepreneurship becomes our principal weapon.

Poverty is the absence of wealth (obviously). Wealth comes mainly from business enterprises. Ergo, if one billion of the world’s employees and managers (who are all business skills) perpetually created new companies in the 3rd World (where 90% of the poor reside), all the poor will eventually get employed in good-paying jobs.

If these world masses used their voting potential to recruit their governments into the anti-poverty war, state loans in trillions of dollars equivalent will flow into the endeavors on perpetual basis. The flow of entrepreneurship loans, high salaries, dividends, and rises in value of stock shares among 3rd World masses will create huge markets for the joint ventures and all other businesses. World corporate prosperity and habit of mass entrepreneurship shifts redemption of the poor into overdrive.

Most 3rd World poor are Elementary level. Given good jobs, they should afford innovation-oriented education, which leads to promotion, mass entrepreneurship, licensing or franchising fees out of inventions, dividends, and rises in stock shares’ values, all combined leading to permanent middle class incomes.

Concurrently, our anti-poverty warriors (large entrepreneurial groups in the 3rd World and their cyber capitalist allies) will be rewarded with good dividend income and rises in the value of their stock shares, on perpetual basis. Endless dividend flows and wealth appreciation among the masses will create a habit of corporate formation within them all. The same motivators will recruit all newly-employed into the redemption army. Redemption of five billion poor thereby proceeds at geometric rates, country by country.

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