Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wealth to Anti-poverty Warriors!

Why are there too few people interested in permanently redeeming the poor? First reason: everyone is too busy trying to improve self, family and career. Second reason: most people really think there’s no solution to poverty. The mere fact that there are around five billion poor worldwide boggles the mind. Third reason: an anti-poverty war yields no war spoils. There’s no profit in redeeming the poor!

Yet here lies our key. An anti-poverty war must yield profit to all warriors! If there are no returns from every battle, what new weapons will they use in the next battles? How can the army maintain morale?

But are there examples of anti-poverty battles where victorious peoples became wealthy masses? There are indeed! Wealthy nations were once poor. History’s wealthy empires started out as poverty-stricken tribes and ethnic groups. By enforcing peace among nations and races and fostering trade, they built huge markets, developed distinct architecture, arts and sciences, and created large middle classes. In recent history, East Asia’s tiger nations Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Korea were 3rd World just 30 or so years ago. Sub-contracting, joint ventures, and world-scale marketing brought them to the 1st World. In late 1880s the Japanese people suffered their feudal economy. State-business synergies made them second richest mass worldwide since the 1960s. China has raised 400 million citizens to the middle classes within just 20 years, courtesy of joint ventures with Overseas Chinese and Western corporations.

These historical lessons yield us a potentially effective strategy: All our anti-poverty cyber army’s got to do is to analyze and adapt history’s wealth-building tactics!

But how exactly as our cyber army officer will you amass wealth? As in any war, you will need tons of patience. You have to read all posts in this blog, a little at a time. You have to discuss each post with all your friends, cyber (thru e-mail) or 'solid,' including your friends abroad. You have to post your ideas herein to help form our cyber army's anti-poverty strategies and tactics.
You have to help stir up 3rd World masses to pressure their governments into passing a Loans for Mass Entrepreneurship law (described here). You have to join campaigns to stir up 1st World masses to persuade their legislators to pass an Expand World Markets law (also described here).
These laws will ultimately and perpetually channel trillions of dollars in 20-year soft loans to thousand-employee investment unions in the 3rd World, where 90% of the poor live. The loans will capitalize and provide equipment on 10-year installment terms to world-scale joint venture companies in the 3rd World. You should qualify for such entrepreneurship loans, thereby becoming an investor of a world-class corporation where you may also work as employee or manager.
Additionally, if you're a 3rd World employee, state loans every 2-3 years will enable you to accumulate a huge fortune in corporate stock shares as your investment union builds a corporate group. You will become wealthy while helping create high-paying jobs for millions of poor, a model for generations of humanity to follow.
As employee-consumers, the redeemed masses will become massive markets for all companies, including your corporate group. World-scale recessions which are mainly caused by lack of markets will be tamed. All newly-employed will qualify for entrepreneurship loans and join the battles that will gradually raise all five billion of the world's poor to the middle classes.
You will hence fight a good fight, all the while fulfilling the Creator's design for you: heaven on earth and thereafter thru a fulfilled spirit created by habit of helping people in need. Our anti-poverty war will bring you rewards galore: lasting multi-racial friendships, great adventures, shared joys, immense wealth, the thanks of millions, and a character at peace.

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