Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fighting Poverty Fulfills the Spirit!

Why should we begin to redeem the world’s poor? Simple. Helping people in need makes us happy. We all know this by experience. Ergo, if we make a habit of helping others, for life, we become permanently happy and at peace, which means our heaven on earth. A permanently happy and fulfilled character cannot change upon death, which means our heaven in the afterlife.

Why do we have this ‘happiness instinct’? Only a Supreme Being or the Unity or everybody’s conception of God can have the power to gift us with ability to be happy. Our happiness instinct can only be divine design. And since such power is good, the Supreme Being must be good.
He will not punish humans because of whim, or to show his power, and then his mercy to those who beg for it. He will not bring death and destruction to entire peoples to favor his faithful. Nor will he bring sickness and poverty to the sinful. A jealous and praise-hungry God who rewards favorites and punishes unbelievers can only be the product of ancient theories affirmed thru centuries of repetition.

There is no logic in such theories, and God is a God of logic. The proof is his entire creation, which follow immutable and unemotional laws of cause and effect. Thus if five billion out of six billion humans suffer varying degrees of poverty, destitution and misery, they are not being punished for their sins, or being tested, or being forced to beg for God’s mercy.

Billions of humans rich and poor believe in thousands of versions of God or gods. Millions don’t even believe in God, and more millions ignore religions on account of their endless conflicts and illogical mysteries. How can a logical and inherently good God punish millions just because they are confused as to what’s the ‘true faith’ out of thousands?

If we follow universal logic (which is closer to divine logic than most religious tenets), we can only conclude that humans are largely to blame for their miseries. God gave humans all the tools to become happy on earth. He endowed humans with intelligence, creativity, logic, and the power to become happy. He gave humans distinct capabilities. Some are good at numbers, others at words, others at concepts, or invention, or routine work, art or music. Specialty skills force humans to work together towards shared goals – economic, political, religious, etc. As everyone knows, working together is a source of joy to participants.

Yet such divine design is for humanity, not just for families, clans, tribes, businesses, corporations, governments, nations or races. And divine design is for mutual help, not exploitation of others for self or group. Human misery is a consequence of divine design ignored or yet unfulfilled.

Our power to be happy tells us that we are not on earth to suffer as a ‘test’ of our loyalty to God. Nor do we suffer as a consequence of sin in the traditional sense. Sin is defined differently in various cultures, and ‘divine test’ is totally absent in most. Such concepts not being universal makes them suspect in point of whether they were truly revealed by God thru ‘holy men.’

‘Sin’ that all races commit is simply people’s inability to care for each other. This ‘universal sin’ is the cause of so much earthly misery. Humans punish themselves in this way. It is their uncaring acts, not God, that punish them. Karma is automatic.

God gave humans the power to be happy thru mutual caring. Experience tells us that such gift cannot be forced as ‘divine law.’ People of the most advanced civilizations and the remotest of tribes all feel joy at performance of a good act. It’s everybody's instinct, our divine gift.

Unfortunately most people have failed to apply an obvious logic: if one wants to be permanently happy, he has to keep performing good acts for life. Creating systems and institutions for the purpose helps perpetuate the good acts. Exercising the habit with good friends facilitates mutual help and multiplies the joys.

Universal logic as God-given instinct plus all humans’ experiences of what makes them truly happy points out the obvious: we are on earth to be happy as selves and as humanity. For peace and happiness to reign on earth, all individuals, families, clans, tribes, nations and peoples must help each other. For centuries earth has been a ‘valley of tears’ because humans have not listened to their ethic instinct and instead tried to use each other for the benefit of self.

Our tragedy is that most humans fail to realize or apply the logic: helping people in need as a lifetime habit creates permanent peace within. Reason: a helping habit causes perpetual performance of good acts that create joys in both helper and helped. The recipient of the good act instinctively tries to reciprocate the favor. Chains of reciprocal favors among all humans should spread out happiness upon the earth. True divine design thereby becomes obvious: heaven is here and now, as well as in the hereafter, but only if we create it within ourselves.

A lifetime habit of good acts builds permanent peace within. Such permanently fulfilled character cannot change upon death. A continuing heaven thereby becomes the practitioner’s legacy in the afterlife.

Our anti-poverty cyber war gives us a chance to create permanent peace and fulfillment within. It's our way towards heaven on earth and thereafter. The joys get enhanced, for great multi-racial friendships develop, warriors receive profit dividends, and vacations in tropical paradises with good friends at low cost can become frequent. This is the only war where everyone enjoys fighting ‘until death.’ You and your cyber friends just have to wade into the thick of the fight. Let the action begin!

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