Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Business-oriented Anti-poverty War Can End Recessions!

The best way out of world economic crises is for 1st World companies to create huge markets in the 3rd World. Indeed business joint ventures between large employee groups in the 3rd World and 1st World corporations on perpetual basis can be a very effective way of dealing with economic crises.

When masses of people co-own companies, wealth gaps gradually close because of dividend flows to the masses. Mass co-ownership of companies also means a fortune in stock shares held by ordinary people, shares that usually rise in value over the long run.

Entrepreneurial loans from world governments and investment companies will facilitate formation of joint ventures between large employee groups in the 3rd World and 1st World corporations. Since both partners are knowledgeable in business, success rates shoot up.

As the multi-racial partnerships become standard in the 3rd World, trillions of dollars in yearly investment flows from rich to poor peoples. Billions of 3rd World poor get employed in jobs that afford innovation-oriented education.

High salaries, entrepreneurial loans and dividend flows among 3rd World peoples mean world class purchasing power in the hands of five billion former poor. All the world’s companies thereby acquire huge international markets. Very early on, the current economic recession will end. Future recessions will become mild bumps on the road to remind businesses to shape up or shift to more profitable product and service lines.

Business downswings will not be as grave when every corporate market is world-scale. Corporate business success worldwide translates to prosperity for millions of supplier companies, micro-scale business endeavors, and general publics. Multiple product and service lines per business become the rule when millions of minds of former poor endlessly create new products and services to replace tired corporate offerings.

Every product and service line will by nature undergo business cycles as usual, but rarely all lines at the same time. The constant confluence of several business lines on the upswing will create continuing prosperity for the company. If all world companies work in this manner, the specter of world-scale recessions will never again haunt humanity.

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