Thursday, November 27, 2008

Philippines: Our First Anti-poverty Battlefield

How do we choose our first battlefield? The first skirmishes should be conducted in the Philippines. Why? First, this blog writer has spent almost forty years researching and analyzing the Philippine rich-poor gaps and their causes. Among the fruits of the efforts are world billionaires’ wealth-making tactics.

World elites have used very effective large-scale entrepreneurial tools to keep themselves atop the world’s wealth and power pyramids. All of the tools are familiar to managerial employees: large-scale entrepreneurship, joint ventures, state aid, capital markets, research and development, corporate groups, world markets, milking cow banks, and business cultures.

The logic thereby asserts itself: why can’t employee and managerial masses as large entrepreneurial groups simply copy the elite’s proven big-business ways? The skilled masses’ success will create billions of jobs for the bottom classes, who may thence join the perpetual corporate formation movement until all of the poor get redeemed.

This entire blog details such strategy as applied to the Philippines. If millions of the world’s employees and managers teamed up and invested capital, skills, contacts and credit worthiness together with their Philippine counterparts, the result can only be thousands of corporate joint ventures rising all over the Philippines each year.

Concurrently, if the Philippines’ 30 million-strong employee and managerial masses used mass voting potential to control state, they may force passage of laws that facilitate and perpetuate mass entrepreneurship in the country. One such law may channel ten percent of taxes and state bonds towards entrepreneurial loans to thousand-employee ‘investment unions.’ The condition: use the loans to set up joint ventures with foreign companies.

Joint ventures generally quadruple local capital thru foreign investments and machinery loans. Hence, the state’s say P200 billion in yearly mass entrepreneurship loans may create thousands of joint venture companies worth P800 billion each year. At this scale of corporate formation, it will not take long before all 68 million or so Philippine poor (56 million of them Elementary level) get employed in jobs that afford good education, which lead to permanent middle class incomes.

Our anti-poverty cyber army’s success in the Philippines should enhance its confidence to conduct similar campaigns in one 3rd World country after another. Conversion of billions of poor into high-earning employees and ‘mass entrepreneurs’ will create a constantly growing world market for all the world’s businesses. Business prosperity worldwide will further speed up liberation of ‘les miserables’ to turbo rates.

So how do we start the first Philippine skirmish? The next articles break down the author’s Philippine anti-poverty tactics to chewable portions. An international cyber army’s help is critical to the schemes. The motivators for all warriors are what we all want: great friendships, fun and adventure in tropical paradises, acquisition of wealth, and a happy, fulfilled spirit on earth and thereafter.

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