Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mass Entrepreneurship Will Win Our Anti-poverty War!

To win our war, we have to slay poverty monsters one country at a time. And we have to use all manner of business weapons to do it. Most wealth comes from business, so to address mass poverty we have to set up a lot of businesses.

However all businesses we create must be at least partly-owned by employee and managerial masses. Mass part-ownership of corporations will gradually close the wealth and power gaps that are widest in the 3rd World.

Where do we start? Fundamentally the bottom poor are mostly in the Third World. 3rd World countries are however in different levels of economic development. Some have many more businesses than others, so have millions more employees and managers.

And this is the key. Employees and managers are all business skills at various levels. As people with salaries they have credit worthiness. Those within the supervisory to top management have lots of business and social contacts local and abroad.

Employee masses are therefore our best chance of creating a lot of new companies and thereby giving good jobs to the teeming poor. Jobs with salaries that afford good education are the masses’ stepping stones to the middle classes.

Where may we find such conditions in the 3rd World? The Philippines is one place. It’s got some 30 million employees plus around ten million Filipino contract workers and migrants abroad. The Filipino diaspora remit $15-$18 billion yearly to relatives back home.

If we can somehow motivate these masses to set up new corporations, ideally joint ventures with proven 1st World companies, we trod the road towards the end of mass poverty in the Philippines.

We have to pressure the Philippine government to lend a major part of taxes and state bonds (say 10% or P140 billion yearly) to thousand-employee local investment unions. We have to influence the Philippine Congress to pass a law to such effect.

It’s to politicians’ advantage, for mass entrepreneurship of this nature attracts billions of dollars yearly to local business, expands Philippine GDP, and raises the tax take to repay the state’s trillion-peso loans.

Most importantly, good jobs by the millions get created yearly to employ 68 million Filipino poor, most of whom are Elementary level.

Good jobs will enable Elementary level poor to afford innovation-oriented education. Good education leads to promotion, inventions and licensing of inventions, and acquisition of entrepreneurship loans. All combined create permanent middle class incomes.

Hence our imperative: the Philippines as our first anti-poverty theater of operations. We have to persuade the Philippine employee masses to form themselves into thousand-member investment unions. The target: each union to form one large-scale joint venture corporation every two or three years. Mutual help among the unions and their allies will speed up the process.

What exactly do we do now? We are on recruitment stage. We need to persuade all our friends cyber or solid to join our war. We have to invite all bloggers into this War Room. The world’s poor number around five billion. It will take millions of the world’s business skills to redeem such huge numbers.

Bloggers are among the world's best skills, and they number by the million. Bloggers are therefore the poor's best bet to permanent salvation. Business joint ventures will ensure that saviors (bloggers among them) will earn good profit out of their adventures.

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