Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why Is Our Blog's URL 'Povertyslayers'?

This blog is our cyber War Room where e-Generals (people who post comments) make and discuss plans. Field warriors are organizers, managers, and employees of 3rd World joint venture companies that arise out of our plans.

What do we plan for? Let’s review our targets:

1) slay poverty monsters that create billions of exploited street kids, aged beggars, slum dwellers, rural destitute, and hunger-stalked families worldwide;

2) end world poverty one country at a time at a profit, so weapons for more anti-poverty battles get perpetually created, and warriors are always in high spirits;

3) tame world-scale recessions by converting five billion poor into employee-consumers;

4) rebuild denuded ecologies at good profit to all participants.

Our anti-poverty cyber army being composed purely of volunteers does not follow top-to-bottom line commands. Our army’s Commander-in-chief comes in the form of the action options we decide on in this blog. The long initial musings posted by the author (your Propaganda Officer in our Philippine theater of operations) compose just the framework of possible action options.

Comments sent in by Cyber Generals may refine the options and even reshape parts of the framework. The result can look like a camel, which is a ‘horse designed by a committee’ but is nevertheless the best means of survival in the harsh desert. This blog therefore becomes the mind of all Generals (commentators) and participants (all others who agree and take action) in our anti-poverty war. Hence our address ‘povertyslayers.’

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