Monday, December 15, 2008

Ending the Current Recession (Part 5 of 5): Phil. Joint Venture Markets

Here’s more on how Philippine investment union joint ventures may sell their hundred billion-dollars’ worth of products and services:

4. Complete tourist facilities plus 1st World tourist agency nets run by Filipino communities worldwide (with friends numbering millions) will create a huge Philippine tourist flood. The Japanese public alone has some $12 trillion or so in savings and financial assets circulating in banks and as stocks and bonds. For Japanese, staying in Philippine island resorts for extended periods costs much less than staying in Japan for the same period. This is especially true for Japanese retirees.

A Japanese retirement nest can last ten times longer and actually multiply in the Philippines if invested in our types of tourism and ethanol-related schemes. Tour boat fleets and multi-racial friendships make extended Philippine vacations very enjoyable for both retirees and vacationing yuppies.

Japanese companies may also set up satellite offices in Philippine forest resort condos for such functions as product design, internet-based services, sales and business expansion thru friendships with tourist-entrepreneurs of all races.

Some ten million Filipino contract workers and migrants work in 1st World countries. Most come home on occasion for long visits. Their multi-racial friends will likely tag along when Philippine tourist facilities become world-class. Filipino communities’ tour agency nets may popularize sports and activity club linkages worldwide with view to joint friendship tours with Philippine clubs, student associations and employee unions.

Friendship tours are much more enjoyable and less costly for all tourists. Activities may include bird cataloguing and breeding, discovery of new marine and forest species (only around 1% have been described and named), creation of the club’s own patch of forest and coral reef, formulating ecology-rebuilding business ideas, and other meaningful activities. Learning tours may be interspersed with exploration thru motorbike caravan, kayaking, surfing, inter-island sailing, etc.

To keep tourism costs low while earning on tour, the club may invest in their own forest camps and study facilities, and set up such special courses as aquarium and terrarium construction and sale, Asian massage, yoga and anti-stress systems, martial arts, healthy Asian menus, wood and stone carving, ceramic arts, and whatever special skills tourists have. Friendship and activity tours create the bonding that keeps multi-racial tourists coming back for more. Our anti-poverty cyber army should form the corporate and club models for all these fun and profitable activities.

5. Around 850 million tourists roamed the world each year in early 2000s. Fifty million came from China alone. Only 2-3 million of the hordes visited the Philippines. Reason: inadequate tourism facilities plus kidnappings, petty crimes and political instability played up by world media. Joint venture construction of complete tourism facilities (airports, roads, hotels, inns, telecoms, international services, etc.) plus tour boat fleets should address the first problem. Political instability and crime should peter out once mass unemployment dries up thru joint venture prevalence. The resultant massive purchasing power will help end the recession. Expansion of Philippine tourism companies all over the tropics should help sustain the prosperity. Again our cyber army should lead in all these.

6. Seafood and snack food nets set up by investment union joint ventures with Asian and Western restaurant chains in 1st World cities should sell at hundred-billion dollar levels yearly. Lion’s share of sales may come from Philippine multi-crop farms, managed forests, fruit plantations, and marine aquacultures. High-earning rural masses thereby become massive new markets for all manner of consumer goods. Joint venture expansion throughout the tropics multiplies corporate purchasing power a thousand fold. 1st World makers of producer goods will lead in hauling the world out of recession.

7. Philippine managed forests (with cattle, goat and sheep feedlots), reforested mini-dam hydropower chains, forest resorts, marine aquacultures and other giant eco-rebuilding joint ventures should become models for 3rd World peoples to follow. Copycats will create billions of new jobs for rural poor. The 3rd World can become a trillion-dollar market for consumer and producer goods. Of course our cyber army should form the profitable vanguard companies that will create investment courage worldwide.

All these job-creating, recession-slaying potentials come from just one mind (the author’s). One can only imagine what five billion 3rd World minds can generate together with their 1st World joint venture partners. The ultimate result can only be a ‘1st World’ of employee-entrepreneurs composed of all adult humans. Not one will suffer poverty if his social and economic linkages count in hundreds of powerful organizations all caught in a habit of mutual help for all time.

How exactly do we start the link-ups? 1st World and 3rd World companies may post their business opportunity offers and URL links in this blog. Philippine companies, co-ops, employee unions, associations, investment union organizers, entrepreneurial and employee groups, and Filipino communities abroad may post their own versions here. Postings in this blog for business and entrepreneurship purposes as described herein require a fee. Fees will be used to defray Povertyslayers propaganda expenses in the Philippines, including hopefully the building of model businesses for employee groups to copy.

Link ups thru your ads should devise feasible business plans with multi-racial partner groups. The common desire for lifetime profit while redeeming the poor shall thence drive the budding joint venture groups to initiate political action towards passage of EWM and LME laws as described herein. The powerful vanguard of our anti-poverty army thereby forms. You and your linkages should hence fight a good fight, with great friendships, much wealth, and a fulfilled spirit as your rewards on earth and thereafter.

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